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10 Healthy Holiday Reminders

The holidays can be a whirl-wind: shopping for presents, entertaining friends and family, sending Santa letters, and lots of cooking. Don't forget to look after yourself this holiday season by keeping these Healthy Holiday Reminders in mind!


1. Schedule holiday fun.

We feel better when we schedule things we want to do. Part of the anxiety of holidays is saying yes to every party or event and not talking care of yourself. Make sure your holidays you are doing fun memorable things. Jot down the things you would like to do and get it on your calendar. Make it happen. Life is supposed to be fun!

2. Stay in the present moment. Besides eating healthy food it's very helpful to be in the present moment because if you are not here in the present moment then where are you? You have the present moment and the most important time you have is right now, the most important people you have in your life are the ones in front of you right now. The most important thing that you are doing in your life is what you are doing right now. Don't miss out!

3. Slow down.

Slow down and take care of your health and your immunity in top notch. The body never makes a mistake. The lunges are always breathing, the heart is always beating, so if things go south it's because we have too much pressure on the body, and it can't deliver. Slow down and your body will recover and balance itself.

4. Become Aware. Start a food journal. Why wait until Monday? Why wait until after the holiday? Don't change anything huge right now just bring awareness to your eating patterns and the foods your are eating. What is really going on? Be your own detective. How are your moods relating to your food choices? How do you feel after eating certain foods? What are you craving? Your body is trying to tell you. Pay attention and become aware. We just need to start listening to what our body is telling us. When we are aware we are bring the willingness in to see things different, to be open to knowing a better way to make more nourishing choices.

5. Water Yourself. Did you know that most cravings come from being dehydrated? Drink water to curb cravings, off set hunger, lose weight, have better skin, the list goes on. Aim for 2 glasses of water between each meal. If you are having cocktails make sure to drink water in between. The same with caffeine as it pulls water from your cells so drink extra water. Stay committed to your hydration.

6. Eat Mindfully. Actually slow down and enjoy your food. Put your fork down in between bites. Notice the taste, the smell. Don't multi-task and put more food in your mouth before the food is already chewed and swallowed. Pause and ask yourself if you are grabbing another cookie because it will nourish you or are you grabbing the cookie because of something else?

7. Make time for self care. If you are not taking time for yourself you can't be your best self for anyone else. Actually schedule your workouts and time for you. If it is not scheduled it is not real and it won't happen. Especially during the holiday time as we get busier and more overwhelmed. The holidays aren't a hall pass to skip out on you and your priorities of wellness.

8. Blood sugar is what it's all about. Keep your blood sugar balanced. When your blood sugar is doing a yo-yo dance is when you grab unhealthy sugary foods, and your will power has zero chance. You crave more and you sabotage your weight loss journey. Eat healthy snacks. Eat regular meals. Eat protein and fiber for breakfast. Don't eat sugar on an empty stomach. Eat before a party. Fill up on vegetables all day long to keep blood sugar in check.

9. Remember your why. Set an intention and connect to why you are on a wellness journey in the first place. Connect with the feeling you are working towards. The confidence, having more energy, feeling strong and being able to run and play with your children. Your why is how you will get to your goal. Remind yourself why are you doing this in the first place and then check in and pause. How will i feel if I eat this? Is this moving me closer to the feelings I am trying to achieve? You get to decide. What do you want the holidays to look like to you?

#10. Eat Empowered. Food is pleasure and it fuels your body. Food is energy. Take charge and be the one who takes the healthy appetizer to the party! It's not about deprivation or guilt. Eat from an empowered place not a place of being a victim. Victim mentality is, "I am on a diet, I can't have that." But instead, "I had a cookie and eggnog, and it was great. Now I am choosing to fill up on foods that nourish my body and my soul." This statement feels more empowering doesn't it? Being able to have a couple bites of the foods you enjoy and being done feels more empowering than binging and feeling guilty and punishing yourself the next day. You get to decide. You have the power. Are you are eating from a place of self love? This is the real start of your wellness journey; when you can eat from a place of loving your body and having a healthy relationship with food.

Happy holidays from all of us at the WJ Studio! We are so thankful to have you as a part of our wellness family, and wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year!



the real start of your wellness journey'; when you can eat from a place of loving your body and having a healthy relationship with food.

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