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Getting back on the wagon.

I’m ready to get real, and have an honest conversation with you and with myself. I have been eating like total crap. Yep.. it happens to the best of us. Life happens. I went on vacation and have been out of sync ever since I got back. So, I pause and do what I do best: I step outside of my life and start analyzing it. And then I commit to radical self care. Here are 9 personal steps that I use to get back on track when I am totally off my game. You can jump back on at any time; if you fall off a week here and there, don't self beat up! Just jump back on. When I fall off track with my health, I simply take a deep breath and get back to "me."

1. Get over it. - Don't beat yourself up. It has taken me a lot of work to get over the self beat down. I eat poorly or drink too much and then "punish" myself the next day with double the workouts, a mental beat down, or allowing myself to not eat or only eat veggies all day, etc. with a promise to do better tomorrow. But now I know better. There are no mistakes. When I am off my game, I realize now that it is a chance for me to love myself a little bit more. I try everyday, and sometimes I am not successful, but I recognize that tomorrow is another chance to try again. 2. I take a moment and tune in. - I slow down and get still. I analyze where I need to make some changes.. and I don't mean with just food. What did I learn from the situation? Why am I reaching for sweets? What is really go on with me? What needs are not being met? What changes need to be made in my life? Am I doing too much? Am I getting enough sleep? Where am I stressing? Where am I judging myself and others? Where do I need to make some changes? Where am I not showing ultimate self love? Where am I comparing myself? 3. I Drink. - Did I throw you off with the word drink? I drink healthy, silly! I start my day with a probiotic to get my gut health back in balance. Then, I sip on warm lemon water for a good detox. The rest of the day I fill up with loads of water. I throw in a good green smoothie. My favorite "get me back on track" smoothie is with green apples, spinach, coconut milk or coconut water, and ginger. Nutritious drinks to get me back on my game. 4. I get back to my daily rituals. - I get back into my self care routine. I start my morning with ACIM (A Course in Miracles) on the way to work. Every morning I get my spiritual fix to start off my day. I go down my daily list of self care rituals: ACIM, gratitude, unplug my phone and computer, mediation, move my body, play time with Jaylen, healthy dinner and connect time with John and Jaylen, learn something everyday, I read and listen to a podcast every single day. something that fills me up, 8-10 glasses of water, 5-7 fruits and veggies, sleep. I stick with my sleep schedule as best as I possibly can. 5. I balance my blood sugar. - I load up on the greens. Veggies Veggies Veggies. No processed artificial junk food, alcohol, white flour, or sugar. I eat real, nutritious ingredients. Keeping blood sugar level after a few days of binge eating or drinking will help you not to cave into unhealthy choices again. 6. I treat myself. - I do something nice for myself. This can be as simple as having 10 minutes of alone time or taking a bath to buying yourself flowers or getting a massage. I remind myself that I am worthy of feeling my best. I retreat and fill myself up with an ultra healthy day. I do something that makes me feel good. When I get myself into a place of feeling good I make healthier choices in my lifestyle. 7. I give gratitude. - I do my daily gratitude, and I especially thank my body for digesting all the unhealthy food and drinks I have filled it with lately. I thank my heart for never missing a beat even when I don't treat myself the best. I give thanks for my lungs never missing a breath even when I put self care on the back burner. I give thanks to my body because it loves me unconditionally. I give thanks. 8. I sweat it out. - I do this from a place of self love, not punishment for being off track. I pick my favorite workout and I get moving. I finish my day with detox in the sauna or the hot tub. Sweating is good for you. It's good to sweat out the toxins and keep our cells healthy. A hot bubble bath and my favorite lavender tea. I give myself loads of warmth and love. 9. I crowd It out. - I fill myself up on healthy, nutrient dense foods so I have less room and less cravings for the unhealthy foods I mean, it's hard to binge on ice cream at the end of the day if I filled up on fruits and veggies all day, right? By eating and drinking foods that are good for me earilier in the day, I naturally have less room and desire for the unhealthy foods will lessen substantially. So, I crowd out the junk by filling up with the good.

I certainly have been off track, and I know it will happen again. When this happens I get myself into a space of feeling good about myself. That way, I make empowering actions from a place of self love. I make healthy choices from this place, instead of making choices from a place of not "good enough" or punishment. The choices won't stick when I am coming from negativity, and I will be less likely to make healthy choices.

I have learned to listen to my body and decide what’s right for me, without freaking out or going on the self beat down path. It's easy to love ourselves when we are blasting through our to do lists and eating just perfectly. We get frustrated when we are dragging, not productive and totally off track from where we think we should be. I have learned to embrace it all. I get off track. It's all about self love and a balance for your life. It's not about being so strict and in control that you punish yourself for a misstep. Find what works for YOU and your life. I make a daily commitment to stay on track. Being off track is a good reminder that I don't like to feel blah, sluggish, and moody. I hope this helps you when you seem to be in that downward cycle and totally off your game.

If you found this helpful but need more guidance getting on track email me at to hear about a program fit for YOU!

Share in the comments below how you get back on track after a few days of eating like total crap.


Traci Trainer

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