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Virtual Bootcamp

The Virtual Bootcamp is a fast track 4-week program with a strong emphasis on eating foods that fuel and nourish your body. The program is specific to goals relating to weight loss and creating healthier eating habits. I work with you to discover how to make healthy eating enjoyable, nourishing, and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Meal Planning

Because this program focuses on food, we dive right in. We believe in bio-individuality - what works for one person will not work for all. We crowd out the foods that aren't serving you by adding in healthy foods that your body will love. You get daily recipes, menu plans, and foodie facts. 

Support System

Personal and group support is available 24/7. Connect with your intimate team of 20 bootcampers to provide inspiration and motivation to each other, or contact Traci via email with unlimited questions. Each week, take part in a LIVE coaching call on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM CST, or if you can't make each call, they are recorded to watch at a later time. 

Take Time for you

Dedicate four weeks to YOU. This intensive is short, sweet and to the point. We want you to dive in, take control and make changes in your life - with our help, of course. 

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I did Traci's first 4 week Virtual Bootcamp. I was a little skeptical at first, being only online and I am not even in the same city as Traci, but I was hooked after just a couple days! I felt so much more energy, loved eating whole foods and trying new recipes, and the support system from the whole group was amazing! And even tho it's a group setting, Traci tailors it to each individual as we are all unique. I lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks, which I had been struggling to do, and then immediately signed up for Traci's next online program!  I would definitely recommend this (or Traci or whatever you want me to say!) for your wellness journey! 

Jill Bazzell

Omaha, NE

After moving away to college and then to Denver, I missed being a part of the Wellness Journey Studio. This virtual bootcamp allowed me to continue to be in the studio, just from a few hundred miles away. Traci was always there to answer any questions and provide motivation. I loved being a part of a Facebook group with a small number of people who kept me accountable by posting their own meals and successes. I LOVE the virtual bootcamp, and if you're craving a supportive group of people looking to make big, holistic changes in their lives, here are your people.

Brooke Ludemann

Denver, CO

I LOVED this!! It helped me in so many ways. Could I have lost more weight? Maybe. I never once weighed myself. But I feel good. I got so many useful tools to use in my life, not just in the eating portion, and help to see the reasons why I am having troubles losing weight. I think this was an amazing start for my new beginning and was much needed!


North Platte, NE

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Make the Commitment

Four Weeks

$147 - Non-client

$97 - Client

Online Program

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