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Caution: Detour Ahead

Not where you want to be?

Just because you aren't at that "place" you think you should be doesn't mean you are not on track. Just because you have not arrived at the goal doesn't mean you are a failure. Sometimes it's the detours that offer our biggest growth. You are exactly where you need to be, learning what you need to learn. Once you learn what you are meant to learn you can graduate from your current situation and experience something new. You never fail unless you don't try. It's all about the journey of attaining the goal. Real success is not what you attain on the outside but who you become on the inside. So who are you becoming? You may find that as you become more of your authentic, life unfolds and the world begins to open up to you in ways you would have never imagined.

Think about where you get off track:

What throws you off?

What are you learning about yourself and your situation?

Where can you show up for yourself just a little bit more next time?

Where can you double up on the self love?

Where do you get to re evaluate your priorities and make some changes?

What can you do differently next time?

What lessons can you learn from the detours?

What are you learning about yourself?

What do you really want and how do you want to feel?

1. Identify your detours.

For example when I don't schedule myself a break and go back to back clients I grab crappy food. If I don't get good sleep I don't workout.

When I get overwhelmed I grab sugar.

2. Identify lessons you are learning.

I get to schedule self care time. I do better when I get good sleep and plan my meals. Starting my day with meditation

keeps me aligned with my core desires. I get to learn to say no.

3. Identify action steps to avoid the detour next time.

Schedule a break. Work less. Unplug earlier and be on a regular sleep schedule. Meal plan. Set healthy boundaries.

4. Double up on the self love.

Stop being in self beat down. Stop judging yourself and stop beating yourself up when you get "off track."

If you don't like where you are now you have the power to change it. Take time to celebrate were you are right now.

It is all part of the process of where you are headed.

Share your wellness journey detours below.

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