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4 Simple Tools to Make Your Workout 85% More Effective

Did you think I was going to tell you to wear a heart rate monitor, eat complex carbohydrates an hour before your workouts or something like that?

Nope! I am going to tell you four tools that are simple and way more effective in getting you results than wearing a heart rate monitor or what you are eating before a workout.

First of all, let me tell you a little something about ego. Ego is sneaky and it likes to constantly throw us off course especially when we are doing something good for ourselves. During your workouts for example, you may be distracted by your clothes not fitting right, a physical pain or limitation, thoughts of why you can't do something or things you don't like about your body. You may be working out because you are trying to change something about yourself so you are focused on what you don't like about yourself instead of working out because you love yourself. You may get distracted by thoughts of what you don't want instead of visualizing and connecting to the feelings you are there to create. You may be comparing yourself to others. Why you are better than or less than. Noticing what someone is not doing or what someone is doing instead of focusing on yourself. You may be using your energy replaying a fight you had with your boyfriend before your workout, replaying old stories in your head or even future tripping and creating unnecessary worry about something that could possibly happen in the future.

These distractions are your ego and they can totally get you off course, making your workout, not to mention your mood, less than your best.

What can you do instead?

1. Be Fully Present.

Think about the muscles you are engaging. Flex them, notice them and visualize the benefits the movement is doing for your body. Practice letting go of distractions.

2. Breathe.

Notice your breath. Breathing deeply keeps you in the present moment but it also increases your stamina and endurance by getting more oxygen to your muscles.

2. Give Gratitude.

Thank your body for carrying you thorough your day even when you don't take care of it so well. Your heart for never skipping a beat. Your lungs for never missing a breath. Your thoughts can actually trigger physiological changes in our body that affect your mental and physical health. Basically, what you think affects how you feel (both emotionally and physically). So if you increase your positive thoughts, like gratitude, you can increase your sense of well-being as well as objective measures of physical health like a stronger immune system for example.

4. Visualize.

Connect with the feelings that you are there to create. Strength, energy, confidence and feeling lighter in your body and your life. Connect to those feelings. Keep your focus on what you want and let go of the sneaky ego that keeps you focusing on what you don't want.

I invite you to use these tools not only to make your workouts 85% more effective but to make your life 100% more effective.


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