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Vitamin LOVE

Feeding your family with Vitamin LOVE.

As I sit here making my grocery list.... I change my perspective. This little situation comes up for my husband & I over meals. He gets frustrated when there is nothing to eat because he is hungry! That's it. That simple. But my mind goes to work..... "I work too. Why is this my job- is this a gender role thing wife cooks man hunts - I am doing the best I can. Buy your own groceries!" Then we are both frustrated. Then... an ah ha moment for me. An eye opener. Why does this situation keep coming up?!!! This isn't about my husband's expectations, it's all about me!! My pressure on myself. He is just hungry!!!! I need to take more time for me! I need to get clear on my priorities (health & family are 2 of mine) & then own my NOs. Wwn what I say "no" to. Then I would create balance better for myself & my family. And communicating my needs. My husband can't read my mind. I need to ask for help! Maybe he cooks one night. Maybe it's a take out night. And lastly Letting go of having to do it all perfect all the time

Here are some ideas to avoid "empty pantry syndrome":

  • Buy in bulk - Cans of beans and rotel veggies let you simply open the cans and create quick, healthy soups.

  • Coconut milk - A quick nutrient boost to throw in smoothies, soups, crockpots, you name it!

  • Chickpeas - They're loaded with fiber & protein. Bake 'em, eat 'em cold, or make hummus.

  • Grab & Go bites - Make protein bites, egg muffins, or breakfast burritos ahead of time and freeze them.

In IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), they talk about the nutrient of Vitamin L. Love. Feeding your family, nurturing with food & love is what it as all about. Energy is everything! The founder of the school told a story about how his wife would fight with him before dinner & when she made his dinner she would make it very angry yelling & throwing things around. He laughed & said he didn't want to eat it anymore because she was putting all that negative energy into his food & it was making him stressed & sick. They got a divorce. This is why it's important before you step into the kitchen to center your energy since energy goes directly into the food that you make. In spiritual communities the person with the strongest meditation practice was chosen to be the chef because they wanted their food to be filled with the energy of a person that is calm & centered. Put vitamin L -love into your food. We celebrate with food. Through food we show love & connection. Nourishment is critical to health & happiness. When we eat nourishing food filled with love & positive vibes, everyone feels more fulfilled. So a reminder to the women with the husbands that cook - show your appreciation! For those of us that feel like we can't keep up - remember it's a balancing act & we are doing the best that we can. For those of us that are trying to get our husbands & children to eat more healthy - remember to slowly add in new foods for them & to lead by example. For those of us with husbands that need to be fed - remember husbands feel love when we feed them. That's what our grandmother & mothers did for generations. They set the stage.

Feeling your temper pre-heating while you're in the kitchen? Take these steps to simmer down before you get burned. Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor, drop your chin to your chest, and start breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your stomach to expand completely while inhaling and contract while exhaling. Clear your mind by telling your self that you have nowhere to go and nothing to do except be in this moment, and center yourself so that you can nourish yourself. When you're feeling calm, enter the kitchen. Light a candle and make the experience special and your food will taste delicious and be deeply nourishing. Take these steps each time you cook, and watch your life transform.

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