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It's the Circle of Life.

Okay, so maybe not this Circle of Life. But its just as important, if not more so. In my coaching programs we never once have focused on weight loss! Ever! But guess what... my clients lose weight when the do the inner work. We start with small steps like drinking water that's it! They do the steps to deepen their relationship to themselves. They are learning to tune into their inner knowing & to know how to start listening to their bodies. When you do the inner work you naturally start filling up on foods that nourish you rather than turn to the bag of chips to numb you. Being healthy is bridging the gap between nutrition - personal growth & development. They are linked. You can't look at one without the other. Until you start to identify what in your life is keeping you from making healthy choices you will keep making those choices. The body knows what to eat. It's the brain that makes the mistakes. So as a holistic coach, we touch on so much more than the food that is on your plate. Sharing the information I have learned from IIN on primary & secondary foods will support my clients to get on track & to stay on the fast track to creating their wellness journey which is your health, your energy, your joy, your life! What are primary foods? Relationships, Physical Activity, Career & Spirituality.

What are secondary foods? The actual foods that are on your plate.

This is the Circle of Life I was really talking about. All of the components on the circle represent some part of your overall well-being. When you do the Circle of Life Exercise, you just place a dot in each sector according to where you feel your wellness in that area lies - a dot placed in the center signifies dissatisfaction, while a dot on the outside notates satisfaction in that area.

Try it for yourself here.

We do a monthly check in with the Circle of Life. See where you are out of balance. The Circle of Life is a simple awareness exercise that anyone can do. Sit in a relaxed position, take a few deep breaths and reflect. It's great to incorporate simple practices like this one into your life on a regular basis. As your deepen your connection to the greater processes of life you may find yourself coping with stress and emotions more easily, relating more lovingly with others and finding more joy in life.

What do primary foods have to do with weight loss? When we are not fulfilled, balanced in our primary foods we use the secondary food (food on your actual plate) as a way to alleviate or suppress our hunger for primary food, the body and mind suffer- weight gain is just one of the consequences. Diet-related disorders such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are national epidemics, and one of the main reasons is because we are stuffing ourselves with secondary foods when we are really starting form primary foods. An example of this can be over eating, grabbing fast food because you are busy, forgetting to eat because you are busy, over working, over giving, being a people pleaser- all choices that do not serve your well being. I encourage you to look beyond the food on your plate and consider these other forms of nourishment that truly feed you.

I am going to share in the area of relationships as it seems like this is a huge struggle for a lot of friends & clients around me lately. Relationships - The quality of our relationships explains a lot about the quality of a person's life & his or her healthy. Just as no one diet is right for everyone, no one way of relating works for everyone. What's important is to cultivate relationships that are healthy & supportive to your individual needs, wants & desires. It's about being truly connected & really listening, active listening to the people around you. For example, I have made the simple but profound effort to not be on my phone when I pick Jaylen up from school. Ever. I shut it off & listen to his day for just the few minutes that it is most important.

Friends - you may find a few people in your past that don't belong in your present. Relationships do expire & that is ok. Let it go. They are not meant to be in your destiny. Please think of the two or three people you would enjoy spending more time with- people who are more of a contemporary mirror for you & have qualities that resonate. Contact them. Ask them for a date. Like all relationships, friendships take work. They can also be hugely rewarding. Remember, friendship is primary food. It should nourish you. Love & intimacy - We all have a need to give & receive love. Love is food for the soul. Love nourishes body, mind & spirit. Try improving connections with everyone around you. Being well connected with husbands, friends, family, children, co workers is an essential part of life.

It's important to be open about your needs with your partner. People who are married often have a bond that goes beyond personal needs -children, mutual friends, money, business, house, cars, & it's easy to get in a rut. You have No time to spend together but it's important to have fun together. Sit down every so often & evaluate how things are going & implement changes. Small resentments that build up over time can erode the foundations of any relationship. It's crazy to expect a person to be the same person after being married for 5-10-20 yeas of marriage or expect the other person to fulfill your needs. It's natural & healthy for everyone to change & grow. Set new intentions for your relationships. Explore what you want from your relationships. Journal, meditate, talk, share. Look at your list every day. If you want to improve relationships start by looking at the positives in the other person & get clear on how you want to feel. I see this a lot when clients lose a lot of weight, or get healthier mentally & physically. I have seen it be a positive & a negative. Change isn't easy for everyone so it's important to be open & supportive on both ends of the relationship. For Singles - Take some time to get as clear as possible with yourself about what kind of experience you want to have with dating. Are you looking for more intimacy? More fun? More connection? Are you looking for a long term partner? As you are dating what you want will probably change so keep checking in with yourself about your priorities. When you are clear on your priorities you can communicate them more clearly to the people you date. Spend time assessing your personal boundaries & more importantly spend time deepening your personal relationship with yourself. For anyone single or in a relationship setting new intentions & exploring what you really want from a relationship can simply your life. Look at your list everyday and know that you are a unique being who is worthy of love & intimacy.

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