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"I just ran out of time"

If that doesn't ruin any excuse you've ever made, I don't know what will. Let's face it. There will never be enough time in a day to accomplish everything you set out to do. Sometimes our goals are too lofty. Other times, life happens and you just don't finish your list. Going to bed with a semi-scratched off to-do list keeps a lot of us awake at night, planning for tomorrow, feeling guilty for not getting everything done, and just feeling bad in general. Daily self-beat-up isn't doing anyone any good, so here's a time management tip that puts your well-being first.

What do you want to accomplish this week? Awareness is the first step to making a change. When you want to change your food, you write it down. When you want to see where you are spending your money, you write it down and budget. When you want to improve your daily routine and get more done, guess what, you write it down. To make a change, you first need to become aware of what you are doing. Write down all you need to do in a day, your priorities and your distractions, and see where your time goes!

A couple great questions I have learned to ask myself - "Does this line up with my priorities right now in my life? Is this coming from ego or does it really light me up when I do this? What are my boundaries? Is it taking away from where I need to be right now?" Priorities and to do lists based on ego will lead you to burn out. What do you need to let go of this week? Prioritizing means you can't be all things to all people. You can't make everybody in the world happy and you can't do all that you have an appetite to do all the time. We have children and/or an existing career, and so many things to do. So be here now. Being present means doing one thing at a time.

Even if you think you are a good at multitasking avoid it. It's a bit like going on a vacation to Europe and doing 7 cities in 7 days, and you look back at picture dates and are like, "Wow, where were is all a blur". Mommies before you know it your kids are going to be in college. Be present. Do the important things first and fill in the other tasks after your top 3 priorities. It's a matter of finding your center staying centered and balanced.

Keep single pointed focus. Stay present. Prioritize.

Every day and week there are so many distractions. The things to do are endless. But by doing less you do more. Find your version of single pointed focus. "This is what I am doing and I am going to excel at this." Write your to-do list and then write a not to-do list. Write 3-4 things you are not going to do for right now.

Remember, you are doing enough. By eliminating things that are not on your priority list, the things that are higher priority are more likely to get done. Make rules for yourself to avoid your distractions. I won't be on Facebook on Sundays or after 5pm. I won't check my email once I'm home with my family. I won't bring the stress from my day into my home. Limiting friendships that are energy drainers is also a good idea. How many of you have friends that are troublesome or problematic in your life? Sometimes we need a food detox, and sometimes we should do a friend detox. This is true especially was we get older. Not every friendship is meant to be maintained and last forever. Its not that we don't appreciate the impact that individual has had on our lives, its just that sometimes things aren't meant to last forever. Is there someone in your life that is pulling you down? You have an option to be less in communication of them. Fill your time with people things and events that energize you.

Look at where your time goes so you can be the BEST person you can be for yourself and for your family. Prioritize YOU and your health.

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