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Good Nutrition is the Key to Healthy Skin

Good Nutrition is the key to Healthy Skin

What you eat can affect your skin in as little as 2 days. As a graduate of Integrative Nutrition, I coach on the concept of bio individuality: what works for one person may not work for another. We work together to find a diet and lifestyle balance that works for you! I coach on how to eat for your best body, your energy, your moods, your immune system, all the obvious. But what about eating for your skin? What you eat can affect your skin in as little as two days. Play around and notice what works and what doesn't work for you. In my virtual coaching programs, we practice an elimination diet; taking a food out for a few days and adding it back in to see how your body reacts. I encourage you to practice this and pay attention to your skin. Dairy can cause break outs for some people, the same with citrus or gluten. Everyone is different. And it changes at different times of the year, the month, with age etc. So take note. Another no brainer to having great skin is to always stay hydrated. Drink loads and loads of water. Do your best to eat very little sugar, white flour, artificial and processed foods, alcohol, coffee and pop for your best skin. And.... be sure to get your beauty sleep. Shared below is a "grocery list for beauty goals" from Organic Spa Magazine's2016 Skin Guide that I love. Add in the good foods to your diet and crowd out the not so good. Remember you are what you eat and getting the results you want on the outside is an inside job.

Calm complexion without redness or sensitivity

- Ginger

- Turmeric

- Raw Sauerkraut

- Mushrooms

- Raw Cocoa Eczema Relief - Hemp Seeds - Ginger - Turmeric - Wild Salmon - Raw Honey - Buckwheat - Onions Well-hydrated skin - Wild Salmon - Walnuts - Flaxseed - Hemp Seeds - Avocado - Cucumber - Mushrooms Aging Well Head-to-Toe - Turmeric - Pomegranate - Green Tea - Raw Cacao - Cinnamon - Wild Salmon - Blueberries - Asparagus

Blemish-Free Complexion - Pumpkin Seeds - Oysters - Lemon - Turmeric - Fermented Foods - Greens Bright under Eyes - Escarole - Celery - Watermelon - Greens - Beets - Grapes - Asparagus Healthy Hair - Sardines - Oats - Pastured Eggs - Bananas - Radishes - Greens Strong Nails - Raspberries - Hemp Seeds - Winder Squash - Red Cabbage - Swiss Chard - Almonds Glowing Skin - Pumpkin - Lemon - Greens - Sweet Potato - Pomegranate - Acorn Squash

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