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WJ Mommy Program

Calling all Mommies!

Do you want to provide the healthiest life for your family, while earning a little looser pants yourself?

Get ready for a new perspective and big change in your family's lives. Learn which foods are right for your family, and how to incorporate them into your lives. Define, set and meet your goals by implementing healthy habits into your busy life. If you're ready to give 110% commitment to bettering your family's lives, join us for the Mommy Coaching Program!

Personal Coaching Call

Develop an action plan and goals to keep you on track with you goal. Speak with Traci and your group members to get ideas and motivation.

Daily Tips & Tools

Be inspired with daily tips and tools for personal development, self-care, nutrition and movement. Learn how to "balance it all" and prioritize the things that matter most to you.

Unlimited Q&A

Ask questions and receive expert answers during weekly Facebook Live Q&A, coaching calls, and unlimited email Q&A with Traci.

Tightknit Support System

When you join the Mommy Program, you are immediately placed into a Facebook group of other like-minded mommies trying to create the best life for their families. Take advantage of the daily comradery  in the Facebook family.

Free Cookbook & Meal Planning Guide

Receive our free 50 page downloadable cookbook and meal planning guide, as well as assistance with personalized meal planning and workouts to fit your lifestyle.

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What our Mommies say...

This program is nothing short of a life changing experience. My eyes were opened in so many areas of healthy eating, movement, self care, and even relationships. This is a priceless program that I encourage anyone to sign up for, especially those busy, overwhelmed, and stressed out mommas who need a little nudge in the right direction! 

Jennifer Moore

North Platte, NE

I was expecting the normal weight-loss type of program of being given a specific diet, with a number of calories we need to count (my least favorite thing in the world!!) and a strict work out regiment. But what I got was nothing like that. What I became a part of was a group of moms who are so uplifting and positive. Each one of us was on our...own wellness journey. My journey doesn't look like everyone else's and everyone else's doesn't look like mine, because it's about bio-individuality. What works for me may not work for you and visa versa. Traci never tells you what to eat. She'll make suggestions, but leaves it to you to find out what works best for you. She has us identify our limiting beliefs, address them, and learn to move past them. She makes us focus on our primary foods (relationships, career, spirituality, etc.) and helps us learn to find balance and happiness. And most importantly to learn to love ourselves.

Danielle Robinson

North Platte, NE

When I started this journey in May I kept waiting for my meal plan to tell me what to eat and what not to eat. Because after all, that’s what “diets” are, right? This program is everything but that, and it’s fabulous! Traci’s holistic approach to health and wellness is something that everyone needs to dive into. This program has made me look at food in... a completely different light. I’m drinking more water and craving vegetables! Most importantly I have cut out a good portion of the stress in my life. I’m nagging my husband less and appreciating him more, spending more quality time with Olivia, loving myself more through affirmations and showing gratitude for something new each day. These past three months of self-development have been life changing and I’ve even made new friends along the way. I would recommend this program to all moms, no matter the age of your children.

Rachel Sturm

Rapid City, SD

When I decided I was worth another 3 months in Traci's program, I recommitted in other areas than just the fitness part of it, because that wasn't my problem. I was working out daily. Instead, I made more change to my eating and cut out the daily latte; I added my husband to a list of daily gratitude that I posted within our group so that I could learn to appreciate him more; I quit running and focused on lifting weights and walking because my foot was hurting me so badly; I started meditating before bed and it helped me to sleep better (that and earplugs). And about 4 months into the entire program, the weight started dropping...all these other things were "weighing me down". I've officially lost 13 lbs since Feb!

Jennifer Sterner

North Platte, NE

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