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Welcome to Your Wellness Journey

Hello!  I am so excited you are here! 


I'm Traci, aka Traci Trainer, wellness expert, integrative health coach, personal trainer and full-time mom on a mission to inspire and motivate as many women as possible on their wellness journey. I do this by equipping you with tangible tools in three major areas: movement, mindset, and nourishment-both on and off the plate   


I believe these three pillars, movement, mindset, and nourishment-both on and off the plate, are essential to living life to the fullest, and to showing up every day being the happiest and healthiest version of you possible. 


The women I work with want it all. In order to have it all we get to create space to connect and nurture ourselves by developing lifestyle habits in food, movement, and self-care rituals. Sometimes life can get overwhelming and you need a little support balancing it all. 


I support my clients on their personal wellness journey, whether it be in their weight loss, reinventing themselves, improving their relationships or their overall health and happiness. Together we co-create to get you into that space where you feel inspired and empowered to take action towards living your most expansive life. 


Join one of our weekly barre, yoga, SHRED,  boot camp classes or workshops  at our boutique style fitness studio where you get to connect with the energy support and motivation of an inspiring community and certified trainers.

Virtual Programs

Join the online tribe in one of our membership programs, one on one sessions, workshops, virtual boot camps or the three month Mommy Coaching Program from wherever YOU want! Live stream in the studio, your home or at the office to structure and design a program that transforms you into your healthiest self.

Work with

me 1:1

There is not a one size fits all diet or exercise plan. This is your Wellness Journey. Clarify what a healthy lifestyle looks and feels like to you. We will work together on a plan that you enjoy and can stay committed to. We have an extended variety of services: grocery story tours, cooking & movement sessions, fast track programs, pantry makeovers, or three month coaching & training programs.



As a holistic health coach, I understand that relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health as the food you eat.  I take a holistic approach to supporting the whole person.


I have been attending a variety of classes and workshops at The Wellness Journey Studio for over 2 years now and completely LOVE IT!!  You are not just a member of the Studio, you are a part of a fitness family!!  Traci and her crew bring tons of energy, enthusiasm, and fitness knowledge to each class!!  They make fitness fun and challenging!!  I have most definitely come out of my comfort zone by attending Barre Class, Bootcamp, & Yoga.  The atmosphere at the Studio is comfortable and welcoming.  We all support and encourage one another!!  I would highly recommend any of the classes or workshops available to EVERYONE!  I could go on & on & on about how AWESOME you are!!  Love ya!! & the Studio:)  You ROCK

— Anna Stacy

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